The Dosime® device uses world-class technology to wirelessly measure real-time radiation exposure levels for consumers’ home or on-the-go

San Ramon, Calif. (January 4, 2017) – Mirion Technologies, Inc. announced today the launch of the new Dosime® device, a unique consumer wearable and smart home product that enables consumers to access accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand radiation exposure information for a smarter, healthier lifestyle.

The simple, sleek and affordable Dosime device provides consumers with industrial-grade dosimetry technology for everyday use. With one of every three Americans living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant, the Dosime device detects and reports real-time radiation exposure in the homes, buildings and spaces in which people live, work and play, to manage potential health risks and ensure peace of mind.

Dosime proprietary detection technology empowers users with knowledge and awareness of the radiation to which they are exposed while wearing the device. The Dosime device measures a consumer’s real-time exposure rate, and the accumulated dose, of ionizing radiation, regardless of whether the radiation exposure comes from natural sources - such as from soil, water, air – or human sources - such as nuclear power plants, coal power plants, X-ray machines, and nuclear medicine procedures.  Whenever radiation exposure levels exceed specified limits, the Dosime device immediately flashes with a visual alarm and alerts the user through configurable text, email and mobile alerts.

"Exposure to radiation can happen anywhere and without special equipment it is undetectable," said Thomas D. Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies, Inc. "The Dosime device is a consumer-friendly, dosimeter with scientific-grade detection technology. This affordable device empowers users by monitoring their radiation exposure, bringing them peace of mind and the ability to manage potential health risks."

The Dosime device is available for purchase in early 2017 for consumers within the U.S. on Amazon for a retail price of $199.

The user-friendly Dosime device has two convenient modes: "home mode" when it’s docked in its cradle, monitoring the home environment while charging, and "wearable mode" when it’s used by consumers while on-the-go. When the Dosime device is docked, the cradle seamlessly connects to a home network or mobile device via wireless technology. Once removed, the Dosime device syncs with a smart phone or tablet for effortless use while outside the home.

Through the Dosime iOS mobile app and website, consumers are able to access accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand radiation exposure information on demand. As the number of users with Dosime devices increases, the app will ultimately be able to crowdsource data to create communities of awareness that help map radiation exposure.

About Dosime
Mirion Technologies, Inc. is a company dedicated to awareness of radiation exposure to help consumers make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The Dosime® device is a hybrid smart home and wearable device that detects and reports real-time exposure to ionizing radiation in its environment. The Dosime device empowers people and communities to protect themselves and each other. Learn more at

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